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UVEX is synonymous with Innovation – Technology – Design – Quality




Innovation: Every two years, in conjunction with the International Trade Fair in Düsseldorf are introduced on the market two innovative products for line item.




Technology: Uvex is able to ensure the use of highly qualified human resources and constantly updated through continuous investment in training, 2400 people are employed at factories owned all sites in Europe. The experience gained at major users is managed as a resource, to upgrade technology products.

Design: UVEX Sports is the leading company in the sports industry as a modern and attractive design, this experience is transmitted to the field work, the result is visible in the lines of the glasses, hard hats, footwear.



Quality: Buying a product is not only the result of an aesthetic preference, but be sure of the quality of what you buy for this UVEX made ​​the basis of the quality system of economics-business. While others may represent a target for UVEX is the beginning of the qualification of the products through the careful control of “quality circles business” ensure the full satisfaction of our customers’ expectations.