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GORE-TEX GORE-TEX® is a high-level technology ideal for work clothes in very specialized areas, ensuring the highest quality, reliability and durability. Work clothes GORE-TEX ® products studied as “fit for use” destined for a specific end-use and tested by a team of skilled professionals are available to meet your needs giving you the opportunity to improve the safety and comfort inside the ‘working environment. Thanks also to the high durability and easy maintenance, the GORE-TEX ® products are reliable and able to reduce the internal costs of your business, including those relating to sickness absence of staff due to their protective qualities.



Work clothes GORE-TEX ® are designed to provide maximum protection in the working conditions of strong wind or rain, but without sacrificing comfort and convenience. For this reason, they are ideal for all outdoor work (especially in adverse weather conditions), or in areas where it is important to avoid contact with liquids and hazardous substances.


The properties of these products are guaranteed by the GORE-TEX ®, which is inserted between the layers of fabric sewn to the garment and heat welded GORE-SEAM ®: during the procedure, the membrane is equipped with billion micropores obtained by l ‘extension of the layer due to thermodynamics, doing so in a way that the water vapor produced by perspiration to transpire but that at the same time from the outside there will be no seepage of liquids (the pores are approximately 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water!) . In addition, work clothes GORE-TEX ® are the subject of numerous special tests before being marketed, and enjoy additional features:

  • High quality and reliability: working clothes GORE-TEX ® products are subjected to numerous quality tests that simulate real working situations or by climatic chambers for maximum protection; Anti-abrasive, the fabrics are tested for resistance to Martindale ‘abrasion with the use of special equipment to ensure the durability and the resistance of the product;
  • High visibility: GORE-TEX ® meets the European standards EN 471 Protective clothing for ensuring the visibility of the light of day, vehicle headlights in the dark and in dangerous situations;
  • Resistant to rain: work clothes are tested Rain Tower that simulates exposure to rain for a long time, and GORE-TEX ® exceeds the minimum requirements of the European Standard EN 343 for resistance to rain and water vapor .
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