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the clothes BLAKLADER® combine convenience, aesthetics and safety: they are high quality products that exceed high standards in terms of design and functionality. Blåkläder ® is the leader in Sweden in the production and distribution of ultra-resistant work clothes, which operates since 1959, and annually produces more than one million work clothes that distributes throughout Europe.



Work clothes BLAKLADER® are made with extreme care in the choice of materials at different stages of the production cycle: it is so durable products and offer excellent protection for the wearer, and are designed for those who want to work in total safety but still want the convenience and comfort, but above all do not think that a functional dress can not be aesthetically pleasing.


Work clothes BLAKLADER®, available in a wide range of sizes, meet several ISO standards and CE certifications, and are produced with the use of technical materials that ensure the safety and durability of the products. The following are the main technical materials with which they are produced work clothes BLAKLADER®:

  • GORE-TEX®: membrane makes the dress completely waterproof and resistant to rain (this material has an enviable resistance to water 7 times higher than required by standard EN 343), allowing moisture to transpire towards the outside;
  • Coolmax®: work clothes made of Coolmax ® polyester fibers are produced in and through their special structure allows moisture of the skin to breathe outside and when it dries, regulates body temperature by evaporative cooling
  • CORDURA®: material used as reinforcement in pockets for knee pads and other areas potentially subject to wear, CORDURA ® is 10 times stronger than cotton and 3 times more durable than polyester;