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DICKIES® is a global manufacturer of uniforms and work clothes for men and women of quality to suit all needs: fire retardant clothing, waterproof clothing, clothes for hospital staff uniforms, uniforms for painters and painters, gardeners and clothes for breeders, available in a wide range of sizes and colors. DICKIES ® is a brand of high quality, and operates in the sector since 1922 providing customers with work wear resistant, strong and durable.



The leaders DICKIES ® are designed to meet all requirements in terms of work clothes: the company sells it products to suit a wide range of application areas. DICKIES ® is for those who want to enjoy a product with absolute guarantee of quality and reliability, putting trust in a historic brand that operates in nearly a century.


n full compliance with its high standards of quality and the image of the brand of consolidated total reliability, Dickies products are extremely durable, resistant and suitable for variety of uses. Among the special materials used in the construction of the garments, selected and tested with utmost care, there are in fact:

  • Kevlar: extremely resistant synthetic fiber also used in the military with high mechanical strength (for the same weight is five times stronger than steel!);
  • Cordura®: special fabric in layers derived from nylon ideal for creating extremely resistant reinforcements and to make the garments can withstand numerous stresses and be able to resist tears and rips;
  • Poliestere/cotone: Dickies leaders do not give up the comfort and ease in favor of the resistance, but rather satisfy both aspects without which neither of them fail;